Born free calls for more ambition in global wildlife protection framework


Delegates At UN Convention On Biological Diversity Urged To Step Up.

Born Free is urging delegates to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to increase their ambitions for wildlife, as they negotiate a vital global agreement on biodiversity protection.

The CBD released the First Draft of its Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in early July. The final agreement, which is due to be ratified at the long-delayed 15th Conference of the Parties to the CBD in China in Spring 2022, will effectively establish international wildlife and biodiversity policy for the decades to come.

Born Free’s International Policy Specialist Adeline Lerambert said: “Thanks to our dysfunctional and exploitative relationship with nature, the world is facing a biodiversity crisis, with a million or more species at risk of extinction, and the real possibility that whole ecosystems could collapse in the coming decades with catastrophic consequences for both wildlife and people. Yet the political will to address this crisis remains woefully insufficient. It’s vital that the international community recognises the need for transformative changes to the way we interact with the natural world, for its sake and for ours.”

Born Free has been advocating for greater protection for wildlife to be core to the Framework throughout the negotiations, and is calling on delegates to focus on five key recommendations to ensure the final Framework will be sufficiently ambitious, effective and transformative:

  1. Reframe the Sustainable Use narrative to prioritise environmental concerns
  2. Increase ambition of the species-focussed Goals and Targets to address threats to biodiversity, halt its loss and ensure its recovery
  3. Integrate animal health and well-being through the adoption of One Health – One Welfare approaches to reduce zoonotic disease risk and tackle the biodiversity and climate crises
  4. Value and embed wildlife and nature protection into all decision-making through mainstreaming
  5. Adopt robust implementation mechanisms and ensure adequate resourcing for wildlife and nature protection

You can find further details of Born Free’s calls for a transformative approach to nature’s protection through the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework here.


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