Animals at kabul zoo


Born Free Statement.

The situation in Afghanistan is obviously a major concern, for both the people and the animals there, and Born Free is receiving a number of enquiries and pleas for help.

Sadly, Born Free does not have emergency relief teams that can directly respond to rescue animals from zoos in war zones or dangerous areas. Whilst other animal welfare organisations with staff on the ground have been able to intervene in the past to try and help animals in zoos trapped in areas of conflict, the situation in Afghanistan is clearly extremely unstable. Reliable information concerning Kabul Zoo has been very difficult to obtain and, with the current priority and focus of governments and humanitarian organisations being to get people out of Kabul and other parts of the country, it is extremely unlikely that anyone would be able to enter the country any time soon to provide assistance to the animals there.

However, Born Free is a member of ‘Asia for Animals’, a coalition of international animal welfare organisations, and we can share that contact has been made with those working on the ground in Kabul currently. Asia for Animals will be coordinating and providing updates about the situation at Kabul Zoo on their website at and will be answering any specific enquiries that can be emailed to

Born Free remains in touch with other members of Asia for Animals at this concerning time.

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Image © Pepe Cam Photography

Three monkeys sitting on a wooden ledge. One monkey is looking down at its feet and the other is looking directly at the camera. At Kabul Zoo.