Ahead of Europe’s biggest hunting fair, new report dispels hunting lobby myths

Born Free has contributed to a report published today that aims to tackle misinformation spread by proponents of trophy hunting.

A mother rhino and calf standing together in the African bush

The report, entitled Trophy Hunting Facts: Myths of trophy hunting debunked, is endorsed by 31 leading wildlife organisations from around the world. It has been published a few days ahead of Europe’s biggest hunting fair, which will take place in Dortmund, Germany from 31st January-4th February.

Speaking on the publication of the report, Born Free’s Head of Policy Dr Mark Jones said:

“Proponents of trophy hunting claim that the killing of often threatened species by trophy hunters somehow supports wildlife conservation, prevents poaching, reduces conflict between people and animals, and is ethically acceptable and sustainable. They will no doubt be using this kind of rhetoric in their efforts to sell their grotesque ‘hunting safaris’ at the Dortmund hunting fair.

“The reality is that trophy hunting is a cruel throwback to a colonial past, and results in massive individual animal suffering and disruption to animal societies, with serious negative consequences for wildlife populations, ecosystems, and the people who depend on them.”

The report identifies the common claims that supporters of trophy hunting make, and provides evidence to refute each of them.

Dr Jones continued: “Born Free has been campaigning against trophy hunting for many years. We are actively working with like-minded partners in the UK, EU and further afield, to put an end to this egregious activity.

“We are urging the UK and the EU to listen to the overwhelming majority of their citizens who oppose trophy hunting and support the introduction of comprehensive bans on hunting trophy imports into their territories. These and other jurisdictions should be encouraging and rewarding investment in wildlife protection and focusing on the benefits that can accrue to local communities through its humane, non-consumptive and ecologically sustainable use.”


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