August 2022


The latest news on some of the adopted animals YOU help us look after.

A group of young lions playing


Caught on camera

Our wild lion family adopters don’t just keep one pride of lions safe… Your adoption funded 40 new vital camera traps in Kenya, triggered by movement to snap photos.

Thanks to these cameras, our lion conservation team was able to identify and monitor a population of 65 lions in total, including an incredible TEN new cubs!


A young bear cub in a forest area


Thomas is thriving!

Did you know your adopted Kyriakos is the BIGGEST bear at Arcturos sanctuary in Greece?! But his adoption also helps care for the SMALLEST.

Rescued when found alone in May, Thomas has a great appetite and growing fast as you can see. Aided by adopters, the sanctuary plans to return the cub to the wild next year.

A photo of an orca whale leaping out of the sea


20 years of JOY

2022 is a big year of celebration as we mark 20 years since Springer was found swimming alone near Seattle, USA when her mother died.

Adopters helped return her to her wild family in Canada and now your remarkable orca is a mother herself to nine-year-old Spirit and five-year-old Storm. Happy anniversary Springer!


Two female rangers in military fatigues, search through the undergrowth for wire snares


Twiga Team is go!

Thanks to adopters, our brand new Twiga* Team is all trained up by Kenya Wildlife Service and now in action IDing individual giraffes by their markings. The team also keeps them safe by removing deadly snares – with their long legs, giraffes can be extra vulnerable to deadly wire traps set to catch ‘bushmeat’ in the undergrowth. *Swahili for giraffe

A camera trap image of a black leopard creeping through the undergrowth


Our shy Mowgli

This Adoption Diary is all about the wonder of camera traps! Thanks to adopters, we can keep a good eye on our rescued youngster Mowgli, even though he’s rather timid. Often more confident at night, Mowgli is a rare melanistic leopard as you can see, blending in brilliantly in the darkness at our sanctuary in South Africa.


Images © M Bal, Fasika N, JITF, J Towers