A safehaven, thanks to you


With your help, our Ensessa Kotteh Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre in Ethiopia can save lives and protect rare species.

Thanks to YOUR kind donations, our recent appeal for our Ethiopia rescue centre has raised over £30,000 to help wild animals in need and every single pound you have given will care for wild animals in need. Fantastic!

With your support, our centre rescues individual animals from the terrible illegal wildlife trade, and those found orphaned or injured in the wild. Since opening in 2009, we have rescued more than 250 animals, with dozens returned to the wild including birds of prey, servals, genets and caracals.

But, for those who can’t survive on their own, we give lifetime sanctuary and expert care.

Today, nine rescued lions call Ensessa Kotteh home – seven majestic males and two magnificent lionesses, as well as nine orphaned cheetah, stolen from their wild mothers to be sold as pets.

But that’s just for starters! Our centre also cares for rescued hyena, gelada baboons, Hamadryas baboons and olive baboons, then numerous monkeys including four grivets given a home a few days ago (see their full story here), plus 67 tortoise from small to huge and two antelope!

“I’m over the moon,” exclaimed Born Free’s Head of Rescue & Care Maggie Balaskas. “Caring for over 150 residents requires copious supplies of food, vet drugs and dietary supplements so we are hugely grateful for your kindness! Thanks to your funding, we are now busy putting final touches to new recovery enclosures and sourcing much needed specialist vet equipment.”

To help put your generosity into context, take a closer look at our gelada, naturally found only in Ethiopia’s mountain meadows. The only grass-eating species of monkey, they spend more time on the ground than any primate, except for people.

“Our rescued gelada are incredibly inquisitive,” explains Maggie. “Thanks to your gifts, they really enjoy the environmental enrichment our team prepares each day, particularly young grass shoots and roots which they delicately pick through to select the most succulent pieces. The team find innovative ways to present their food, to help keep them mentally engaged and active. We are now working to generate funds to build them an extensive new lifetime care enclosure.”

How wonderful to see how your unwavering commitment and support helps Born Free provide the best possible care for life.

Together, we make a great team!


Images © www.georgelogan.co.uk, BFF

A close-up of a cheetah looking directly the camera lens, with blurred background.

A lion with a magnificent mane lying in a field of long grass.

A gelada monkey crouches on the ground, playing with parcels of grass for enrichment.