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Malawi’s wildlife emergency response unit

Partners since 2007, Born Free is proud to be able to facilitate continued support for the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) in Malawi thanks to Margot Raggett and Remembering Elephants. In 2014 the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, run by LWT, had rescued a total 83 wild animals, released 58 of them and had 254 under their long-term care. Some were victims of human-wildlife conflict and many were rescued from the illegal bushmeat or pet trades. Despite taking in every animal they could, the team were also getting an increasing number of calls about helping wild animals in distress, especially rhinos or elephants in National Parks across the country that were injured by snares set by poachers.

Seven penguins mysteriously drown at calgary zoo

It has been reported that seven Humboldt penguins were found dead at a zoo in Canada over the weekend. The penguins were due to perform in one of Calgary Zoo’s shows, when it was discovered that all seven had died in a holding area.

Survival: a tall order for endangered giraffe

Born Free’s Founder Patron, Joanna Lumley OBE and President & CEO, Will Travers OBE, appeal for more to be done to save the endangered giraffe. Along with elephants, rhino, lions, tigers and many more species, giraffe are now officially endangered.

Hrh the duke of cambridge presents Born Free’s congolese partner with lifetime achievement

Earlier this week, at the world-renowned Tusk Conservation Awards, held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, HRH The Duke of Cambridge presented John Kahekwa, founder of the Pole Pole Foundation International (POPOF), with the highly-prestigious Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa. This lifetime achievement award recognises outstanding dedication and exceptional contribution to conservation in Africa.

Dolphins imported for lanzarote dolphinarium

It is saddening news to report that four dolphins have arrived in Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Spain) over the weekend; seemingly to be displayed at the newly built dolphinarium in Rancho Texas zoo. The Born Free Foundation has been supporting the #StopDelfinarioLanzarote campaign, created by the Spanish NGO, FAADA, to stop the construction of a captive dolphin facility on Lanzarote and inevitable import of dolphins.

Historic wildlife crime rulings in malawi

News from our partners at the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust: Wildlife crime history was set in Malawi this week with not one but two unprecedented court rulings - the first ever conviction of an individual dealing in rhino horn and, in a separate case, the first ever policemen to be convicted for wildlife trafficking.

Community support in drc

The Pole Pole Foundation (POPOF) team in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been hard at work, supporting the Global Friends Environment Club at Anga Primary School. As a result of the work of the students and the POPOF team in engaging with the local community they have a new member, the community leader himself! Pictured here (right) with the Environment Club, he has thanked them for their invaluable initiatives to educate younger pupils about keeping wildlife in the wild.

Saving africa’s elephants

“I never thought I would be so lucky! Travelling with mum, revisiting some of the places that hold such special memories for her. Hearing the remarkable Born Free stories that live in her heart, was an extraordinary privilege. I was deeply moved and I believe this film will profoundly touch everyone who sees it.” Will Travers