We challenge you to join Born Free and take a Walk on the Wild Side for lions.

Ahead of World Lion Day on the 10th August 2022, Born Free is challenging YOU to walk or run 20,000 steps in a single day, one for each of the 20,000 lions left in the wild. Between 4th July and World Lion Day, we are asking lion supporters across the country to take part, and fundraise to generate vital funds to protect lions in the wild, and campaign to end their captive exploitation.   

And we want YOU to join us! 

Date: Any single day between 4th July and 10th August 2022

Venue: Your favourite walking route!

Cost? It's free to take part, but there is a requirement to help raise vital funds for our work to support lions and other wildlife. 

Who can take part? Anyone and everyone. Take part as a solo cat, with your family pride or alongside your ferocious friends.

What if I am unable to walk 20,000 steps? If you are one of our incredible supporters who isn't physically able to walk 20,000 steps, we invite you to take part in a way that suits you best. This could be spreading the walk over a number of days, completing an alternative fitness challenge (20,000 arm circles, or 20,000 punches), or a non-fitness challenge (give up your favourite snack for 20,000 minutes - that's just under a fortnight).

Your fundraising target? We're challenging every Wild Walker to raise a roarsome £100 to coincide with our Year of the Lion, in honour of our co-founder Bill Travers MBE's 100th birthday - don't forget to ask for sponsorship on social media!

How do I join? Register (below). Set up a JustGiving fundraising page or if you'd rather fundraise offline, download one of our sponsor forms. Pick a day between now and 10th August, and put your best paw forward.

We need YOU to raise money for Forever Lions – our flagship fund to ensure all lions have a forever worth living. Will you join us in this virtual fundraiser in this, our Year of the Lion?




A lady wearing a yellow jacket walking a small black and white dog in the countryside

Why not lace up your trainers and take on the 20,000 step challenge this summer? 

Each step you take with us is a step in solidarity with a lion lift in the wild; a lion YOU are making a stand for!



Since Born Free the film was made in 1966, when there were 200,000 lions in the wild, there has been a catastrophic 90% decline in numbers. Now, just 20,000 remain. Devastating. 

Born Free has campaigned tirelessly for their freedom, for their rights, and for their protection in the wild. And our sanctuaries currently house 28 of these magnificent beasts in safety and enrichment. But we want to do more. 

Our teams in Meru and Amboseli, Kenya, track and monitor wild lion populations and work with the local communities who live alongside these magnificent, yet dangerous, wild animals.  And there is hope.  In Kenya there has been a 25% increase in the wild lion population since Born Free stared our conservation projects there in 2010. 

Join us! Every step you take will make a real difference for lions! Give them the forever they deserve! #WalkOnTheWildSide 


“There are 7.8 billion people on Earth, and we now have to decide: are we prepared to share our planet with the shockingly few wild lions that remain?” ~ Virginia McKenna OBE 


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