Born Free is committed to preventing animal suffering and protecting threatened species in their natural habitats. We strongly oppose the exploitation and keeping of wild animals in captivity and campaign to keep wildlife in the wild. We work to end any activities that negatively impact wild animals living in captivity.

Have you visited a zoo or other captive animal facility and seen poor conditions, cruel treatment or strange behaviour? Have you encountered animals being exploited in a circus or show, used for interaction activities or as ‘souvenir’ photographic props? Then let us know with our Captive Animal Report Form.


"Born Free is wholly opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses and the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment."

There is overwhelming evidence of compromised animal welfare in the training, performance, transport and housing inherent to the use of captive wild animals in entertainment, alongside evidence suggesting frequent incidences of direct physical abuse of animals.

We believe that it is outdated, demeaning and unacceptable to exploit captive wild animals in circuses, performance, and for human interactions, as well as in advertising, film and television, by forcing them to perform unnatural behaviours for entertainment.


"Born Free opposes the exploitation of wild animals in zoos and aquaria."

Wild animals, whether born in the wild or in captivity, may suffer significantly from life in captivity. Throughout its history, Born Free has challenged the global zoo industry and today we lead the movement against the captive exploitation of wild animals. We investigate and expose the animal welfare standards of zoos and their commitment to conservation.

Zoos’ claims of contributing to species conservation and public education require careful scrutiny, and cannot be used to justify the keeping and breeding of wild animals in captivity. We challenge the global zoo industry and lobby for policy change in the UK and internationally.

We encourage improvements to animal welfare legislation that affects the lives of wild animals in zoos, and support improved care, while encouraging an informed public to consider directing their support away from keeping wild animals in zoos and instead towards protecting them in their natural habitats.


"Born Free is convinced that the complex needs of cetaceans cannot be met in captivity."

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) suffer physically and mentally from life in captivity. The physical, sensory and social environment in which these animals have evolved to live contrasts dramatically with the restricted and barren tanks found in dolphinaria, where cetaceans are held for viewing or performance to entertain visitors.

Born Free campaigns for changes to national and international legislation to bring the exploitation of cetaceans in captivity to an end, whilst calling for higher standards of care and animal welfare in the short term. As a priority, Born Free calls for the end to wild capture and breeding of cetaceans in captivity, and an end to the training of cetaceans to perform unnatural behaviour and interacting with humans in swim-with and petting activities

Born Free works to raise awareness of poor conditions and encourage an informed public to consider directing their support away from keeping cetacean in captivity. We are proud to have rescued individual cetaceans, rehabilitating them and safely returning them to the wild, and we support the development of high-quality sanctuaries to provide improved lifetime care for cetaceans currently in captivity who cannot be released to the wild.



"Born Free opposes the keeping of wild or exotic animals as pets, and the associated trade in live animals."

Wild animals, whether they are caught from the wild or born in captivity, have complex needs that cannot be met by private keepers in a domestic environment.

Born Free investigates and exposes the “exotic pet” industry and challenges both the legal and illegal trade in wild animals. We campaign for national and international legislation to reduce and, where possible, end this practice

We proudly rescue individual animals that have either been kept as pets or captured from the wild to supply the demand of the pet trade. We provide them with high standard lifetime care in sanctuaries or – where possible - return them to life in the wild.




If you have concerns about a wild animal that you have seen in captivity, you can complete our form below to notify us today.



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