Youth Ambassadors: Bella Lack

A headshot of Bella Lack


Former Youth Ambassador

From a young age, I’ve always loved animals. It started when, as a toddler; I was enchanted by the diligent ants and lethargic snails that resided in my garden. This has blossomed into an ever-growing wonderment and love of the diversity of creatures that our planet possesses.

I particularly love great apes. They have the ability to teach us so much about ourselves and help us to understand that we are merely another species of great ape – despite popular belief that we are some supreme being.

My journey to becoming a youth ambassador for The Born Free Foundation started when I was 11. I had recently heard of the devastation that palm oil was causing and how it was endangering the lives of a creature particularly close to my heart; the Orangutan. I started campaigning and fundraising, which ultimately led me to setting up my twitter account.  Now I have a very wide and diverse audience of people determined to do their utmost to help animals.

Born Free epitomises my ideals; I love their compassionate approach to conservation and I have always agreed with keeping ‘wildlife in the wild’. I hope that I am able to support Born Free by engaging others in the wonderful work they do and helping different causes by fundraising and educating my generation on how we can be stewards for wildlife.