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The grace, strength and beauty of big cats holds a special fascination.  Intelligent, powerful and agile, big cats are skilled hunters who rely on stealth, camouflage and lightning-speed reactions.  But many big cats are endangered and sadly the main threat is human activity.  Big cats are killed for their beautiful fur and body parts, their homes are destroyed, and captive animals are exploited in zoos and circuses.

Big Cat News

Bryony’s belated Born Free blog

A blog from special Shamwari and Born Free friend and supporter, Bryony Hedly, of her visit to the...

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Born Free Calls for Greater Legal Protection for Lions from Trophy Hunting

On World Lion Day (10th August), Born Free, calls for tighter legal controls and greater...

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Elsa’s Legacy Lives on in Kenya’s Heartland

In the heartland of Kenya, Elsa’s legacy lives on, wild and free this World Lion Day

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