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Gombe National Park © E J Greengrass
Gombe National Park © E J Greengrass

Chimpanzees, along with bonobos, are our closest living evolutionary relatives.  These apes are thought to have shared a common ancestor with humans six to eight million years ago and share about 98.7% of their DNA with us. Despite our behavioural and evolutionary similarities, it has not stopped us from exploiting these intelligent animals for the illicit trades in bushmeat and wildlife, or destroying the rain forest habitat upon which they depend. Across the tropics, rain forest is being exploited unsustainably for timber, cleared for agriculture or destroyed for the minerals that lie beneath the ground. The pressures on great apes are immense and growing with human populations.

There are four subspecies of chimpanzees, and each is located in a geographically distinct region of sub-Saharan Africa: the western chimpanzee Pan troglodytes verus; the Nigeria – Cameroon chimpanzee P. t. ellioti; the Central African chimpanzee P. t. troglodytes; and the eastern chimpanzee P.t. schweinfurthii.

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