George is passionate about wildlife conservation and a long-time supporter of The Born Free Foundation, regularly shooting their campaigns. He has travelled extensively around Africa, photographing wildlife and documenting big cat rescues.

Always imaginative, often poignant, George's love of wildlife permeates his work. As a boy, he regaled classmates with stories about growing up on an African farm. Tall stories they may have been, but that passion and imagination is clear to see in George’s work today.

Born Free founder, Virginia McKenna OBE said: "There are many wonderful wildlife photographers, but George’s images are amongst the most intriguing, thought-provoking and original."



Blake has been making television documentaries for over 15 years. He has credits across all the UK channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

In 2014 he was asked to accompany Born Free to film a lion rescue and re-location back to Africa. The relationship has continued to this day.

"It’s impossible not be inspired by the work of Born Free and of course the remarkable Virginia McKenna. Seeing wildlife in it’s natural habitat is such a privilege, and the incredible behind the scenes work that Born Free continues to do in aid of conservation and education is truly humbling." 




Margot Raggett gave up her career in PR in 2010 to follow her dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer. Over the next few years she worked as a regular ‘photographer in residence’ at Entim Camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. But it was a chance encounter with a poached elephant in 2014 that was to change her course again. She was so upset, that she asked fellow wildlife photographers if they would donate images to a fundraising book and Remembering Elephants was born.

In partnership with Born Free, that book together with the follow up, Remembering Rhinos, has so far raised more than more than £300,000.




Rudi shares a passion for animal welfare, wildlife and conservation. Rescuing circus lions brought Rudi and his soulmate and partner, Ingrid Gerlo, to Africa and they have returned many times since. 

Rudi says: "Pictures of animals as well as people are not there to merely show the colourfulness of their fur, feathers or garments, but should aim to reveal their mood, if not their soul or their essence. Every now and then, I feel I may have come close."




"In 2001, I travelled to India and can vividly remember my very first sighting of a wild tiger at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. We located a large male known locally as B2 or Sundar. Seeing Sundar was the most amazing experience, one that encouraged me to become involved in animal conservation.

"Since then I have travelled each year to India, I tend to concentrate my efforts in Bandhavgarh and Ranthambhore reserves and am now able to recognise some of the tigers by their individual markings.

"I have been a keen supporter of Born Free for many years and applaud their efforts in helping save the tiger and other species from extinction."




Diana Rudenko is an exhibited wildlife photographer and conservationist from Ukraine. 
She is a finalist of international photo contests and contributing photographer for WWF International. Since 2015, she has been photographing wildlife in Ukraine, East Africa, Indonesia and the Gulf. Diana is a founder of Wild Talks – a project for promotion of wildlife photography, 'green' lifestyle and conservation. 

"I am honored to contribute my best works for Born Free Foundation and be a part of their noble mission – Compassionate Conservation. Every creature deserves to live safely and happily."




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