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Who can help me with my adoption/merchandise queries?

Our friendly UK office team is here to help! Give us a call on 01403 240170 within office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5.00pm).

What is Born Free's postal address?

The Born Free Foundation
Broadlands Business Campus
Langhurstwood Road
West Sussex
RH12 4QP

Who do I make donations by cheque payable to?

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to the ‘Born Free Foundation’.

Thank you!

I live overseas - can I support Born Free?

Yes! If you live abroad the extra postage will automatically be added when you join.

Do you accept Direct Debit?

Yes! You can Adopt an Animal or make a regular donation through Direct Debit. Just contact our office and we’ll send you the form you need to complete.

How long does my adoption last?

Your adoption will last for one year. After your initial gift pack we will send you an update all about your adopted animal and the project in both spring and autumn. We will then contact you when your adoption is due for renewal.

How do I renew my adoption?

Your adoption will last for one year. During this time we’ll send you Adoption News updates. We’ll then contact you with a renewal letter when your adoption is due for renewal.

How do I place an order for merchandise?

You can view our wide range of merchandise online, or call 01403 240170 to find out more. We produce a wide range of Born Free merchandise and wild gifts, perfect to buy for yourself, and ideal for Christmas, birthday and anniversary presents for your family and friends. There are stylish t-shirts, DVDs , mugs, key rings, cuddly toys andChristmas cards. Every single penny from the proceeds helps us protect wild animals, so how can you resist?

Where is my merchandise order?

Please allow 28 days for delivery of merchandise. If this period has elapsed, please contact our office on 01403 240170.

Do you accept used postage stamps?

Yes! This is a great way for us to raise extra money for wildlife. Contact one of our team today to find out how.

Can I volunteer on a field project for Born Free?

Sadly we are not currently able to offer volunteer roles for our field projects. We tend to employ local people instead as we find our projects are more successful if they are fully integrated into the local communities, and local people are direct ‘stakeholders’. But volunteers are an invaluable asset to wildlife conservation and we encourage people to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Does Born Free only focus on wild animals, or domestic and companion animals as well?

Born Free does not work with domestic or companion animals, although has affiliations with organisations working in these areas.

How can I report my concerns about captive wild animal suffering?

Please send Born Free your reports about captive wild animals via our online REPORT FORM.

Where can I buy a monkey/lion/exotic animal as a pet?

Born Free believes wild animals belong in the wild and never make good pets. Wild animals are extremely difficult to care for and can quickly become unmanageable. See our pages on exotic pets.

Where can I swim with dolphins?

Born Free does not recommend that people swim with dolphins, either in the wild or in captive facilities. Born Free believes such contact can be detrimental to the dolphins and potentially dangerous for the people involved. Take a look at our captive animal pages to find out more about dolphins in captivity.

I want to take a family member to a zoo - which one do you recommend?

Born Free does not recommend that people visit zoos. Born Free believes it is cruel and unnecessary to keep a wild animal in confinement for human entertainment. Born Free works to end captive animal suffering and phase out zoos.

Does Born Free want to see the closure of all zoos?

Yes! Born Free believes it is cruel and unnecessary to keep a wild animal in confinement for human entertainment. Born Free works to end captive animal suffering and phase out all zoos.

I've informed Born Free of a captive animal in need of rescue, what happens next?

Born Free regularly receives calls for help in regard to captive animals in need. Sadly, there are many more animals in need of rescue than there are sanctuary spaces worldwide - it is therefore vital we use precious sanctuary spaces not only to rescue animals in need, but also to highlight the problems facing captive wildlife (e.g. private ownership, trade, substandard zoos etc.). We therefore have many considerations to make when we are informed about a captive animal in need - this flowchart will give you an idea of what we must take into account when we receive information from supporters.


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