Thank you for choosing to help us phase out the keeping of elephants in UK zoos.

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We’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes to support our campaign for an elephant-free UK.

I am writing to express my concern at the continued keeping of elephants in UK zoos. The comprehensive report “Elephants in Zoos: A Legacy of Shame”, published by Born Free in May 2022, highlights why the complex behavioural, emotional and physical needs of elephants cannot be met in captivity. In the wild, elephants cover many miles engaged in active foraging and social interactions. Life in zoos is one of restriction. The high incidence of lameness, obesity, reproductive and behavioural problems, and reduced longevity among elephants in zoos reflects the inadequacy of captivity. The keeping and breeding of elephants in zoos in the UK has little or nothing to offer the wild population of elephants, and those calves born in zoos face a high risk of dying young. Opinion polls suggest that the majority of the British public agree that elephants should no longer be kept in zoos in the UK. The keeping of elephants in UK zoos should be phased out, beginning with an immediate ban on the import of elephants from the wild or from other zoos, and an end to attempts to breed zoo elephants. Every effort should be made to ensure those elephants that remain in captivity are provided with the best possible care and conditions to meet their welfare requirements and ensure their well-being for the remainder of their lives. I urge you to take the relevant action to bring about an end to the keeping of elephants in UK zoos.


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