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Lion body part trade

19 March 2018

Categories: Big Cats Campaign News, Homepage News, Wildlife Trade News

New report highlights South African government’s role in the bloody, commercial lion body part trade

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Confirmed presence of TB in Dartmoor and Paignton zoos

16 March 2018

Categories: Homepage News, Zoo Check Campaign News

These events raise significant questions about biosecurity and disease in British zoos.

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Britain’s Polar Bear Cub

16 March 2018

Categories: Homepage News, Zoo Check Campaign News, Bears Campaign News

Born Free reacts to Channel 4 documentary Britain’s Polar Bear Cub - Polar bears are profoundly ill-suited to the zoo environment

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Captive Breeding

15 March 2018

Categories: Homepage News, Zoo Check Campaign News

New research casts doubt on captive breeding programmes for the conservation of wild animal species

The value of captive breeding programmes for conservation may be in doubt after new research found that captive-born animals are...

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Fortifying Predator-Proof Bomas

13 March 2018

Categories: Homepage News, Kenya News

Tipango ole Sakimpa, a pastoralist from the Maasai community in Mbirikani Group Ranch in the Amboseli ecosystem, is a happy man yet again.

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