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The British Isles has a unique and rich diversity of habitats and wildlife of critical importance to us all.

However, the threats to our wild animals are many and varied.  Following the recent merger of Care for the Wild into Born Free, UK wildlife will be a key focus for our future activities.

This includes trying to find a solution to the problem of bovine TB in our farming industry without having to cull badgers. Culling has proved very unsuccessful on scientific, economic and humane grounds.

We are also campaigning for greater protection for hares in England, which have significantly declined in recent decades. This is due to modern farming practices and unrestricted shooting during their breeding season.

Another priority is to stop the slaughter of seals. We need to seek solutions to seals feeding on farmed and wild salmon stocks in Scotland, again without resorting to culling.

We will also be continuing to support rescue and rehabilitation activities, helping prevent animals such as hedgehogs, becoming one of our most threatened species. Born Free today has a truly unique role and portfolio of projects. Our charity is now devoted to saving lives, stopping suffering, rescuing animals and protecting rare species, both abroad and at home.


Hare Shooting

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UK Wildlife News

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