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The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on people’s lives, and the cost to the global economy will be astronomical. In light of this pandemic, and in order to prevent future zoonotic disease outbreaks, which have such devastating impacts on human health and the global economy, we urge you to: 1) Recommend to governments worldwide that they introduce a permanent ban on live wildlife markets, drawing an unequivocal link between these markets and their proven threats to human health. 2) Recommend to governments that they address the potential risks to human health from the trade in wildlife, including collection from the wild, ranching, farming, transport, and trade through physical or online markets for any purpose, and act to close down or limit such trade to mitigate those risks. 3) Unequivocally exclude the use of wildlife, including from captive bred specimens, in the WHO’s definition and endorsement of Traditional Medicine and revise WHO’s 2014-2023 Traditional Medicine Strategy accordingly to reflect this change. 4) Assist governments and lead a co-ordinated response among the World Trade Organisation, OIE and other multilateral organisations worldwide in awareness-raising activities to clearly inform of the risks of wildlife trade to public health, social cohesion, economic stability, law and order, and individual health. 5) Support and encourage initiatives that deliver alternative sources of protein to subsistence consumers of wild animals, to further reduce the risk to human health. Thank you for your consideration.

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