We want to inspire people to respect wild animals and Keep Wildlife in the Wild. 

Our exclusive videos have been produced to showcase our work around the world to protect wildlife, educate local communities, promote human-wildlife co-existence and highlight the plight of wild animals in captivity.

Our videos are published regularly, so please keep checking back, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube channel, to stay updated.

Education webinar: Last Chance to Paint Amazing Amazon Join Born Free’s Education Officer, Charlie, with artist and guest John Dyer, as they speak about the Amazon rainforest and the Last Chance to Paint project. Learn about the Yawanawa people and their rainforest home while painting along with John.
Education webinar: Born Free’s Great Debate Panel Discussion Featuring Junior Ambassador, Bella Lack, and members for the farming community discussing: How can agricultural practices and consumer choices support the conservation of biodiversity? Watch the panel discussion, with a live KS3 audience and learn about the connection between food production and nature.
Education Webinar: Last Chance to Paint Borneo and Orangutans Welcome to our Last Chance to Paint Webinar, with artist John Dyer, brought to you by Born Free. In this session we will be learning all about orangutans and the forests of Borneo, and painting them as well.
Education Webinar: Last Chance to Paint Year of the Lion Special Join Born Free and artist John Dyer to learn all about the King Of The Jungle, the lion. Paint along with John and have your questions about lions and the African savannah answered.
Education Webinar: Terrific Tigers Join the Born Free team to learn all about this beautiful big cat. Our Conservation Officer, along with some of our amazing Junior and Youth Ambassadors, will be laying out the facts and helping your students understand how we can all help protect tigers and their habitat.
Education Webinar: Saving Africa’s Giants Join the Born Free Education team, along with a colleague from Kenya, to learn all about the amazing wildlife found in Meru National Park. Focussing on the threats faced by elephants and giraffes and what the team is doing to protect them.
Education webinar: Exotic Pets - What’s The Issue? Join Born Free and Youth Ambassador, Katie Marshall, to discover why exotic pets do not cope well in our homes, find out more about exotic pets living in the UK, plus, how the exotic pet trade impact’s the survival of species in the wild.
Education webinar: What is CoP26? Join the Born Free Team to learn all about the 2021 Climate Conference in Glasgow. Hear all about the process from our Head of Policy, learning how you can influence policy-makers to prioritise the Climate Crisis and how young people can get involved.
Education webinar: Last Chance to Paint with John Dyer Join Born Free’s Education Team, with guest John Dyer, as they speak about the Last Chance to Paint project and Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who started John’s journey. With opportunities for students to paint along.
Education webinar: Endangered Species Conference Join artist, Jane Lee McCracken, Born Free and some special guest speakers to learn about endangered wildlife, and the positive steps we can take to protect these species. This event launched the Where Did All The Animals Go? exhibition, Great North Museum, Newcastle (1hr 37mins, inc. break).
Education webinar: Pangolin Watch one of our past school events, ‘Plight of the Pangolin’ here. Learn more about the most fascinating species that you have never heard of! Learn about the amazing lives of pangolins, their adaptations and the many threats that they face.
Education webinar: Born Free’s Great Debate Panel Discussion Watch one of our past school events, ‘Chocolate: Are We Sacrificing Biodiversity For Pleasure? here. Meet an amazing panel of experts and learn about some of the challenges associated with cocoa production and what we can all do to ensure our local actions don’t have negative global consequences.
Education webinar: Where Did All The Animals Go? Watch one of our past school events, ‘Where Did All The Animals Go? here. Meet artist Jane Lee McCracken and learn about how her art and environmental education project is connecting children to endangered wildlife from around the world.
In Conversation With Virginia McKenna OBE Watch one of our past school events, ‘In Conversation With Virginia McKenna’ here. Virginia talks about her illustrious film career and how she and her late husband, Bill Travers MBE, founded Born Free with their son Will Travers OBE.
Plight of the Pangolin Pangolins are meant to be fully protected from the ravages of international trade, yet they are the world’s most trafficked mammal – callously hunted in huge numbers for their scales and meat.
Pride Before The Fall: Book Launch Conceived by critically-acclaimed photographer George Logan in collaboration with Born Free, this remarkable wildlife book brings the plight of Africa’s remaining lions into sharp focus.
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