We want to inspire people to respect wild animals and Keep Wildlife in the Wild. 

Our exclusive videos have been produced to showcase our work around the world to protect wildlife, educate local communities, promote human-wildlife co-existence and highlight the plight of wild animals in captivity.

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Education webinar: Where Did All The Animals Go? Watch one of our past school events, ‘Where Did All The Animals Go? here. Meet artist Jane Lee McCracken and learn about how her art and environmental education project is connecting children to endangered wildlife from around the world.
In Conversation With Virginia McKenna OBE Watch one of our past school events, ‘In Conversation With Virginia McKenna’ here. Virginia talks about her illustrious film career and how she and her late husband, Bill Travers MBE, founded Born Free with their son Will Travers OBE.
Plight of the Pangolin Pangolins are meant to be fully protected from the ravages of international trade, yet they are the world’s most trafficked mammal – callously hunted in huge numbers for their scales and meat.
Pride Before The Fall: Book Launch Conceived by critically-acclaimed photographer George Logan in collaboration with Born Free, this remarkable wildlife book brings the plight of Africa’s remaining lions into sharp focus.
Orphan Bear Cubs Learn Survival Skills Teaching an orphan bear cub all the skills it needs for a wild life is no mean feat, but the Born Free-supported Orphan Bear Rescue Centre are experts at it!
Rhea enjoys the African sun Born in 1998, Rhea the leopard was rescued from Limassol Zoo, in Cyprus, and is one of four leopards in Born Free's care at our big cat sanctuary at Shamwari Private Game Reserve.
Gordon Buchanan On Filming Bear Cubs In 2018, Gordon Buchanan Wildlife Filmaker spent many months at the Born Free-supported Orphan Bear Rescue Centre filming three pairs of bear cub brothers for a BBC documentary.
Raising bear cubs In the thick, wooded forests of Russia, brown bears face many threats. Many will perish, but the lucky ones are found just in time and taken to the Born Free-supported Orphan Bear Rescue Centre.
Orangutans on the brink The Born Free-supported Orangutan Foundation is working in the rainforests of Indonesia Borneo to save and protect the world’s precious orangutans and their habitat.
Five ways we can make the world a better place post-pandemic Dr Nikki Tagg, Born Free's Conservation Programmes Manager, suggests five ways we can make the world a better place post-coronavirus.
Adopt a lion The lion holds a special place in our hearts as the inspiration behind Born Free as the charity we know today. Sadly, lion populations have experienced a 43% drop in numbers over the last 21 years.
Adopt an elephant Poaching for ivory and trophy hunting are still major issues affecting elephants today. Driven by human population growth, more of the elephants’ natural habitat is being lost to settlements and agricultural use.
Adopt a giraffe Classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List, giraffe numbers have suffered a population decline of 40% over three generations across Africa, and have become extinct in seven countries including Nigeria and Guinea.
Adopt a rhino Meru National Park in Kenya was a former black rhino stronghold. Aerial surveys in 1976 revealed there were 120 black rhino in the park, however, the entire population was wiped out due to poaching in the 1970s and early 1980s.
The circus - no place for wild animals The stresses of frequent transport, the inadequacy of minimal housing space, the exploitative displays in the ring, and frequent accusations of abuse; it is clear that life in a circus brings compromises and cruelty to wild animals.
Wildlife and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic, and its devastating impacts on the lives of people and the global economy, has brought home the risks that commercial wildlife trade and consumption also pose to human society.
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