We want to inspire people to respect wild animals and Keep Wildlife in the Wild. 

Our exclusive videos have been produced to showcase our work around the world to protect wildlife, educate local communities, promote human-wildlife co-existence and highlight the plight of wild animals in captivity.

Our videos are published regularly, so please keep checking back, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay updated.

Bella Lack at IWT Conference Born Free’s very own Youth Ambassador Bella Lack discusses events at IWT Conference.
Adopt an Elephant Family The Elephant Family live in Amboseli, Kenya, and are part of the longest running study of wild African elephants in Africa.
Born Free at IWT Conference: Day 2 Dr Mark Jones, Head of Policy at Born Free, highlights key points from the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.
Adopt an animal. Save a life Born Free’s animal adoptions are helping to protect and preserve real animals in the wild, or to care for rescued captive wild animals.
Story of Pole Pole The story of an elephant called Pole Pole, whose life journey inspired Virginia McKenna to devote her life to protecting all wildlife.
Born Free at IWT Conference: Day 1 Dr Mark Jones, Head of Policy at Born Free, talks about the importance of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference.
Can the UK ivory ban save elephants? While a total ivory ban is crucial to save elephants, there are a wide range of threats facing the species.
World Elephant Day Born Free's Co-Founder Virginia McKenna's very special message on World Elephant Day.
King's story - Journey to Africa Watch the moment King was introduced to his new home. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!
Save The Elephants On average, at least 55 elephants are killed by poachers every day for their tusks. That’s about one every 25 minutes.
The Story of Christian - Ep. 3: Christian goes to Africa In the third episode of the Story of Christian series, we look back on Christian's return to Africa.
The Story of Christian - Ep. 4: The Reunion In the final episode of the Story of Christian series, Virginia and Will look back on Christian's unique reunion with John and Ace.
The Story of Christian - Ep.2: Christian in the countryside Christian begins preparations for Africa by leaving London to live in the countryside.
The Story of Christian - Ep.1: A lion cub in London In the first episode of the Story of Christian series, we look into how a little lion cub found its way from Harrods to a furniture store.
King makes a splash Before we relocated King to South Africa, he received excellent care at NHC rescue centre in Belgium, where he climbed trees and played in his pool!
Virginia McKenna’s message about King Virginia McKenna OBE, Co-Founder of Born Free, has a message about King.
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