We want to inspire people to respect wild animals and Keep Wildlife in the Wild. 

Our exclusive videos have been produced to showcase our work around the world to protect wildlife, educate local communities, promote human-wildlife co-existence and highlight the plight of wild animals in captivity.

Our videos are published regularly, so please keep checking back, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay updated.

Meet Kuuma This is Kuuma, one of our Lions of Lyon. She was found in a car garage when she was six weeks old, very poorly and desperately underweight.
Ethiopian wolves - world's rarest canid Only 500 Ethiopian wolves remain in the world today, making them Africa’s most threatened carnivore.
Meet Sami Sami was found abandoned in the Sudanese bush when he was a little cub. He arrived at Shamwari in 2001 and lives at our Julie Ward Rescue & Education Centre.
Meet Girl Meet Girl, the youngest of our four Lions of Lyon. Surrendered by her owner when she was just eight weeks old, she suffered from serious health issues.
Mobile Health Unit Our Living with Tigers campaign is providing vital healthcare for local communities living in Central India, supporting 48 villages around the Pench National Park.
Lions of Lyon Four little lion cubs, Horus, Kuuma, Dadou and Girl were found in terrible suffering and were being kept as pets in various locations in France.
Meet Jora and Black Jora and Black are two lion brothers who were rescued in 2015 from a circus wagon in Bulgaria. They now live in Born Free's big cat sanctuary in Shamwari.
Elephant-Free UK We are calling on the UK government to phase out the keeping of elephants in UK zoos so we have an #ElephantFreeUK!
Conflict tigers In recent years tigers and humans have been pushed closer together. Human-wildlife conflict is a major threat to the survival of wild tigers.
International Women's Day It's International Women’s Day! Find out how Living with Tigers is empowering women in the village of Turiya, near Pench National Park.
Meet Ciam & King Meet Ciam and King: two lions rescued from the exotic pet trade who now live at our big cat rescue centre in South Africa!
World Cat Day It’s World Cat Day! We’re celebrating felines big and small, striped and spotted.
Living with Tigers Born Free’s Living with Tigers initiative is working across the Satpuda area of central India to safeguard wild tiger populations and their lands.
Land of the Tiger Born Free's Living with Tigers is helping to conserve one of the largest remaining populations of tigers and their habitat on Earth.
Hunting medals: Maasai Olympics The Maasai Olympics has been held every two years since 2012 to offer Maasai warriors an alternative to killing lions as part of their traditional rite of passage.
Simon the chimpanzee Simon is a young, orphaned chimpanzee who was taken from the wild and sold as a pet. He has lived on his own in a barren cage for more than a year.
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