Plastic isn’t, in itself, the problem, it’s how we use it and how we dispose of it. We are already unable to cope with the amount of plastic waste we generate, with severe environmental consequences.

Only with individual and collective action can we hope to turn the tide.

How can YOU take responsibility on the issue of plastic pollution?


AT HOME: Undertake your own plastic audit

Why not?

  • Keep a diary of all of the plastics you use in a day – from the minute you wake up, to when you go to bed 
  • Go back through your diary to find times when you used plastic unnecessarily and find alternatives
  • There are many websites available that can help you make these switches from plastic to more sustainable products. 

AT SCHOOL: Reuse plastic bottles

Approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK. Only 7.5 billion of these are recycled *(source).

How can you reuse plastic bottles, once they are too old to drink out of, to improve your school’s local environment?

  • Hanging planters
  • Bird feeders
  • Create a terrarium.

AT SCHOOL: Promote a plastic-free packed lunch

Challenge your classmates to go plastic-free with their packed lunches. No Clingfilm, straws, crisp packets etc.

And if you want an even greater challenge, ask your parents to try and make your packed lunch out of ingredients that did not come in plastic packaging.

AT SCHOOL: Raise awareness in the community

300 pupils at Chalkwell Hall Junior School helped their local council raise awareness about the issue of plastic pollution.

Their brilliant artwork was displayed in a public space for everyone to see!

START: Your own eco-business

Ten-year-old Oskar Petersen has started his own eco-business to inspire others and generate lasting change. 

His products include bamboo toothbrushes and cutlery sets, stainless steel drinking straws and water bottles, and organic cotton shopping bags. 

Follow Oskar’s progress via instagram @plasticrevolutionnow

START: Your own environmental campaign

Sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen are on a mission to ban plastic bags in Bali.

Watch their TED talk by clicking on the linkbelow


Example: Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Bye Bye Plastic Bags is an NGO driven by youth to say NO to plastic bags.

Founders, Melati and Isabel, say:

"We are so proud that our story is being shared in classrooms around the world and if we were able to inspire you with our story even better!"

"The one advice we can give you: Find out what you are passionate about, whether this is banning plastic bags, helping the disadvantaged in your community or saving an endangered species by raising awareness." 

"BBPB is proof that you are never too young - or too old - to be the change you want to see in this world. 
Go out there and don't let anyone ever tell you that kids can't do things. As we mentioned in our TED talk - we might just be 25% of the population, but we are 100% of the future."


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