10-year-old Archie from Lancaster loved having beautiful long blonde hair… so much so that he would avoid even having a trim, preferring to leave it long like Thor from the Marvel films!
That is until earlier this year, when he met Born Free’s Co-Founder Virginia McKennna OBE and learned about Born Free…
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Hi Archie! Thank you very much for supporting Born Free, how did you raise money for our charity?

I decided to get my long hair cut very short! Everyone who knows me knows that I have always had long hair and I hate getting any cut off, so this was the most drastic thing I could do! My hair was bunched into ponytails, cut off and sent to The Little Princess Trust which is a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to illness.

Wow, that’s amazing! How did you feel as you were in the chair?

When the first ponytail came off I was so nervous, I thought I might wobble! I looked at my mum and thought she was about to cry… but we didn’t! I thought about the animals who need help. I had to remember why I was doing it in the first place. Afterwards I felt I had achieved something good.

How much did you raise?

My mum set up a Just Giving page and button on Facebook. I aimed for £300 but in total raised £479.23.

Have you always loved animals?

All my family are animal lovers. We mainly have rescue animals. I have three horses, three dogs and a cat. Our newest dog was adopted earlier in the year. She is a Romanian rescue called Maggie. 

Do you have a favourite Born Free animal or project?

I don’t think I could choose one! But I do really love King. His story is awful but with a happy ending thanks to Born Free. To think someone was keeping him to abuse him for videos is vile. He was just a little cub. I am going to ask to adopt him for my Christmas present as he needs lifetime care. 

I would never swim with dolphins, go on an elephant ride or have my photo taken with a wild animal. I know what happens and quite often these poor animals are beaten or drugged and taken from their mums, and the holidaymakers don’t realise.

How have your family and friends reacted to your new haircut and what do they think about you supporting Born Free?

My friends were really shocked but loved my new hair! I was really excited to show people. My sister was the funniest – she said I look like a new brother! She actually likes it better short. My family and friends thought it was brilliant that I raised money for charity and thought I picked a great cause!

Can people still donate to your fundraising page?

Yes – my JustGiving page is called Archie’s off with the locks 

Thank you very much Archie! We think you look great and we’ve heard that Virginia McKenna also loves your new hairstyle! 


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