Born Free is proud to support The SockStar Project.

The Sockstar Project is a new conservation initiative to support the basic needs of wildlife rangers across Africa and Asia, launched by Lewis Bedford, one of Born Free's Youth Ambassadors.

The initiative supports the men and women who work as wildlife rangers through three key areas:

  • Meaningful conservation – delivering a genuine impact to the lives of conservationists
  • Personal welfare funding – supplying rangers with personal items such as toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, socks, and soap
  • Female empowerment – championing the work that women do in the field of conservation.

Wildlife rangers work in hostile conditions to protect a diverse variety of species, ranging from the black rhino in southern Africa to the Arabian leopard in Asia.

As well as protecting endangered wild animals, rangers help to conserve their natural habitats, making a significant contribution towards preserving precious ecosystems.

100% of donations made to The SockStar Project goes to rangers on the ground.

Born Free’s CEO, Howard Jones says: “It is really refreshing, and admirable, that – at such an early stage in his career – Lewis knows that the basics matter. These are everyday essentials – sometimes even mundane items, but the reality is that these basics are most often forgotten.

"And when great things are expected of rangers, the least we should be expected to do is ensure that they are fit, ready and equipped for work. It is important, it is vital and we are pleased to support this excellent initiative.”



Lew Bedford is 20 and is currently in his second year at Durham University studying politics and environmental geography. Lew has been a Youth Ambassador for Born Free for over five years, and in 2017 he completed the Virgin London Marathon as part of the Born Free’s Run Wild Team!

Lew says: “I am very grateful for the support that Born Free has given me to grow this project – focusing on making a meaningful difference to the rangers’ day to day requirements and supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect endangered wildlife.”


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