30 January 2017

Concerning reports indicate that a man has been killed by a tiger at the Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo, China. It is unclear how the man entered the enclosure on Sunday, with local reports suggesting he was visiting the zoo with his wife and child.

Graphic video recordings have surfaced of the horrific incident and it is believed that it took zoo staff over an hour to drag the man out the enclosure; where they used ‘firecrackers and a water cannon’ in an attempt to scare off the tigers. 

The tiger was eventually killed by zoo staff and the man was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. 

The attack comes just 6 months after a woman was also killed and her daughter injured, in a similar incident at Badaling Wildlife World, China.

Once again, this is an incident that highlights the dangers involved when keeping wild animals in captivity. We are convinced that zoos can never guarantee the safety of visitors or animals and are saddened to hear that in this case, both the visitor and tiger were killed. Born Free continues to be concerned over safety measures in captive animal facilities in China and is working with colleagues in the region to push for genuine change that will benefit both people and animals.  



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