7 November 2017

A zoo keeper at Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia has narrowly escaped death after being attacked by one of the zoo’s tigers. 

Shocking photos have been published of the attack, showing the large male tiger on top of the terrified keeper. The incident is believed to have happened after a cage door was left open accidentally, allowing the tiger to enter its enclosure, whilst the keeper was inside during feeding time. 

After no other members of zoo staff could be located, visitors witnessing the horrifying attack reportedly tried desperately to distract the tiger, some throwing stones and even a table. The tiger retreated long enough for the keeper to escape and be taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Kaliningrad Zoo is a ‘Candidate for Membership’ of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).  EAZA claims to work with candidate zoos to improve their animal welfare standards and management, while their Code of Ethics states that all members of EAZA must ‘treat their visitors, volunteers and staff members in such a way as to ensure that appropriate health and safety for all is in place’.

Born Free is appalled to hear of yet another incident where a zookeeper’s life, and perhaps that of the tiger, has been put at risk as a result of deficiencies in safety protocols and infrastructure at a zoo. Zoos should - at the very least - be able to provide safety for both humans and animals.


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