Born Free has introduced four wild animals to its adoption portfolio – Timtom the orangutan, Gopal the tiger, Elsa’s Pride and the Jaguar Family.

Born Free’s animal adoptions change lives. With a portfolio of 20 wild animals to choose from, they are a great way to fund our work to protect rescued and endangered species.

Wild orangutan populations are under threat from extensive habitat loss. The Born Free-supported Orangutan Foundation aims to protect them. Timtom the orangutan was rescued after being kept as a pet. She lives at Camp JL, part of the Orangutan Foundation’s soft-release programme, and will be looked after until she is ready to return to the wild. Timtom adopters will help conserve wild orangutan populations. Adopt an orangutan today.

Gopal the tiger was captured by authorities after coming into conflict with people when he was found preying on their cattle. Sadly, Gopal can’t be released back into the wild. He now lives at Born Free’s tiger sanctuary in Bannerghatta National Park, southern India, which provides a natural forest habitat for rescued tigers in a section of the park closed to visitors. Gopal adopters will help fund Gopal’s lifetime care. Adopt a tiger today.

Elsa’s Pride are a group of lions who live in Kenya’s Meru National Park, where Elsa the lioness from the book and movie Born Free was returned to the wild. Monitored by our Born Free Kenya field team, Elsa’s Pride adopters will help us monitor and protect them. Adopt a lion today

The Jaguar Family lives in the Yungas, an area of thick forest in north west Argentina. Monitored by the Born Free-supported Jaguars in the Fringe, they are threatened by persecution and loss of habitat. Jaguar Family adopters will help protect them. Adopt a jaguar today

The four new additions follow the recent introduction of King the lion to Born Free’s adoption portfolio. King was rescued from an apartment on the outskirts of Paris where he was kept illegally as an ‘exotic pet’. King now lives at our big cat rescue centre at Shamwari Private Game Reserve, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where he enjoys a life free from harm in a natural, safe and spacious enclosure. King adopters help fund his lifetime care.

They also join established favourites including the Elephant Family, Dolo the lion, the Giraffe Family and Sara the chimpanzee.

Matt Smithers, Born Free’s Head of Marketing & Fundraising, said: “Born Free’s animal adoptions make a real difference, helping to protect and preserve real animals in the wild, or to care for rescued captive wild animals. Without your help, these animals simply wouldn’t be here today. They’re the perfect gift for anyone who cares about wild animals. Please help us continue to protect them.”



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