We would like to thank each and every one of our supporters for their continued generosity towards our ongoing appeal to give King the lion cub a lifetime home at our big cat rescue centre in Shamwari, South Africa.

Since launching our appeal, we have been deeply touched by the support we have received from around the world.

With just a few I’s left to dot and T’s left to cross, we hope to move King to his new home at Shamwari in July. As I am sure you can imagine, there is a lot of paperwork involved in transporting a lion cub from one country to another! We have been waiting for a crucial permit to give us the go-ahead to take King to South Africa, and we are delighted to reveal that we have now received this. 

Meanwhile, King remains oblivious to all the behind-the-scenes work that has been going on. He is in good health and is receiving excellent care from our dear friends at Natuurhulpcentrum rescue centre in Belgium, his temporary home. King likes to climb the tree in his enclosure and play in his pool. In this short video, you can watch him enjoying splashing around!


There’s still time left to support our King appeal. And please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for further updates.


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