Born Free is shocked and dismayed to hear that a kangaroo has been killed and another injured at Fuijan Province Fuzhou Zoo, in South East China. The tragic incident occurred last month after visitors apparently threw rocks at the animals to make them hop. 

The 12-year-old female died after one of the rocks ruptured her kidney. It was reported that only days later, zookeepers spotted visitors throwing rocks at a five-year-old male but, fortunately, he only suffered scratches.

Employees at the zoo are reported to have said they had been trying to stop visitors throwing rocks at the kangaroos for years, and that despite efforts to remove stones in the area and install surveillance cameras at the park, the problem persists. 

Throwing rocks at animals is not the only issue at this zoo. The zoo’s monkeys and black bears are reported to suffer from digestive issues because tourists feed them snacks, such as cake, during holiday periods.

Born Free believes that the animals at Fuijan Province Fuzhou Zoo are not only vulnerable to the restrictions of life in captivity, but also to abuse from visitors. With more safe, humane and interactive ways to learn about animals in today’s world, there can be no excuse for the ongoing stress and suffering at this zoo - and so many others around the world. 

For more information see: https://www.bornfree.org.uk/captive-animals


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