27 October 2016

The Pole Pole Foundation (POPOF) team in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been hard at work, supporting the Global Friends Environment Club at Anga Primary School.

As a result of the work of the students and the POPOF team in engaging with the local community they have a new member, the community leader himself! Pictured here (right) with the Environment Club, he has thanked them for their invaluable initiatives to educate younger pupils about keeping wildlife in the wild.

With this vital community engagement, the Club is committed to accomplish their goals to ensure the future of Kahuzie-Biega’s wildlife. These goals include substantially reducing the consumption of and the trade in bush meat by youth in the community around the Kahuzi Biega National Park by promoting humane livestock husbandry and reducing the demand for firewood (formerly cut from within the Park) by implementing a tree planting programme.

The Born Free Foundation’s Global Friends Programme supports these amazing local initiatives and educational programmes, changing attitudes to wildlife conservation and supporting the efforts of local communities. Thanks to your support this project was possible and the wildlife of Kahuzie Biega National Park, including your very own Chimanuka and Mugaruka the endangered eastern lowland gorillas, are just that little bit safer.



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