Thank you for choosing to help bring the exploitation of captive wild animals in Marrakesh to an end.

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Dear Mr Mayor, I am concerned about the exploitation of captive Barbary macaques and other wild animals at Jemaa El Fna, in Marrakesh. The treatment of these animals is a horrific display of animal cruelty and exploitation. Monkeys are being dragged along by chains around their necks, dressed in clothes and exploited as photographic props for visitors. I am concerned it is possible to acquire monkeys from the wild and troubled by what the animals may have gone through, and the living conditions in which they are being kept. It is unacceptable this activity is apparently being permitted in your city, under your authority. Such exploitation belongs in the past and reflects poorly on the beautiful city of Marrakesh and its people. I am supporting wildlife charity Born Free in respectfully calling on you and the authorities in Marrakesh to help bring an end to the abuse of wild animals in the city once and for all. Thank you for your time and consideration. Yours sincerely,

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