This year, Born Free is holding its first Youth Wildlife Filmmaker and Photographer of the Year competition. The theme is Hope Springs Eternal.

Our aim is to inspire as many young people as possible to celebrate nature on their own doorstep through the medium of photography and filmmaking. 


In 2020, many people stopped to listen and watch nature for the first time. Nature provided a source of hope during an incredibly difficult time.

This spring, we are calling on you to continue to spread hope through your images of nature wherever it is found – be it city streets or the Scottish highlands. Explore your local area*, and share the joy that nature, big and small, brings to us all.

Your photo story or film should showcase one or more of the following:

  • Wildlife living free in the UK
  • Local conservation efforts
  • A local environmental issue.

*Please ensure you follow all current coronavirus guidelines for where you live.

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tips for entrants!




George Logan is an award-winning photographer, based in London. His unique and imaginative photographic style allows him to tell stories through his work in an impactful and thought-provoking way. George is passionate about wildlife conservation and a long-time supporter of Born Free. He has travelled extensively around Africa, photographing wildlife and documenting big cat rescues.

George says: “Join the fight to save our planet. We’re searching for the next generation of great wildlife filmmakers and photographers. We’re excited to see the vision of the new wave of young conservationists.”



Multi-talented Isabelle Groc is a writer, conservation photographer, documentary filmmaker, author, and speaker, based in Vancouver, Canada. Isabelle works closely with conservation groups and scientists to create photo stories and films that help educate the public and alert governments to the plight of endangered species. Her most recent publication Gone is Gone: Wildlife Under Threat, has been kindly donated by Isabelle as a prize for our competition winners. 

Isabelle says: “When I have my camera in hand, I pay more attention to the nature that surrounds me. Photography and filmmaking connect us with the natural world in a special way and can be powerful tools to get others to be more aware and to protect the wild. You don’t have to go far to capture the wonders of nature and wildlife. There is so much to explore close to home. This competition is a great opportunity for young people to share their nature photo stories and films and help spread messages of hope and action for the future of our planet.”



David Manoa works as Conservation Manager for the Born Free team in Kenya. An experienced wildlife ecologist, he leads Born Free’s Lions of Amboseli Project. He is passionate about working with young people and communities on evidence-based conservation solutions and has published several scientific articles on human-wildlife co-existence measures.    

David says: “We are living in a time when most wildlife species are threatened with extinction. However, we still have a chance to save our wildlife and humanity. Some of the ways you can save wildlife is by participating in campaigns, raising funds for reputable wildlife charities like Born Free and sharing conservation experiences with others. By participating in this competition, you are taking the right step to securing the future of wildlife. You may be surprised that numerous wildlife species living close to you need your tender care. Therefore, this is not just a competition, but also an opportunity for you to explore your environment and share your wildlife stories with the rest of the world.”



  • Anyone aged 16 or under living in the UK is welcome to enter the competition
  • Entries should be submitted via email to education@bornfree.org.uk with an entry form
  • The 2021 competition is now closed.
  • Your photo story or film should showcase one or more of the following: wildlife living free in the UK; local conservation efforts; a local environmental issue.
  • Please read the rules and terms & conditions carefully before entering
  • Please ensure you follow all current coronavirus guidelines for where you live
  • Winners will be announced on 30th June 2021.


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