In South Africa, our education programme, based out of our two big cat sanctuaries within Shamwari Private Game Reserve, gives children an opportunity to learn about Born Free and its principals, through the stories of our rescued cats, and to see the amazing wildlife of the Eastern Cape. Through this programme, Born Free also reaches out to local schools and communities.

Centre-based learning:

Visiting the centres offers students the opportunity to take part in a programme that delivers theoretical learning, information about our rescued cats (both their personal stories and their needs in the wild) followed by an opportunity to visit the Game Reserve itself. These sessions allow them to better understand where wildlife belongs.

Community engagement:

Our work with communities aims to build strong communities who are well-rounded, confident and fearless role models. Activities include both conservation education and human centred approaches to help support communities struggling with unemployment and a lack of opportunity.

Team: Vinourica Ndou, Education Manager; Sidney Clay, Education Officer; Thembela Schoeman, Education Assistant 


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