A stunning solo exhibition in support of our Year of the Lion.

Dates: 15 June - 5 July 2022

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm, Saturday - Monday by appointment only

Venue:  Woolff Gallery,  89 Charlotte St., London W1T 4PU

Admission: Free. No tickets required.

Artist Josh Gluckstein is passionate about wild animal conservation.

His latest exhibition, is inspired by travels around Africa, and will benefit Born Free's lion conservation projects. It features life-sized animal sculptures created using sustainable, recycled materials.

Josh says: "I have been fortunate enough to spend a precious hour with Gorillas in the misty mountains of Uganda, witness lions mid-hunt on the plains of the Serengeti, and watch herds of elephants meander through the Masai Mara, I was captivated by the scenes and wildlife of East Africa and I'm delighted to bring a collection of my favourite animals to life in my latest solo show."

"I am proud to support Born Free's Year of the Lion and am thrilled to say that myself and Woolff Gallery will be supporting the Born Free Foundation, by donating 10% of all sales to their fantastic conservation efforts."

A percentage of sales from the exhibition will be donated to Born Free.

Please visit the Woolff Gallery website for more information.

A photo of Josh Gluckstein with a lion head made from cardboard and paper


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