The UK government has confirmed that it will introduce a ban on ivory sales. This means that, when the measures that have been announced come into force, ivory items of all ages (with very limited exemptions) will no longer be able to be bought and sold in the UK.

Born Free has welcomed the ban, but recognises that many people will now be wondering what to do with unwanted ivory items they may have in their possession.

If you do own items made partly or wholly of ivory (they may have been inherited or given to you as a gift long ago), you can either keep hold of those items forever (selling them will almost certainly soon be illegal) or make a stand by donating them to Born Free’s Ivory Amnesty.

The Born Free Ivory Amnesty invites members of the public to send in their unwanted ivory. Born Free promises never to allow the ivory, or any of the ivory it holds in trust, to be sold, traded, or used for any commercial purpose - even if it meets the very narrow exemptions that have been announced. 

Our pledge is that we will only use any such items for educational purposes, or we will destroy it.

Should you send us the ivory in your possession, we will send you a certificate confirming receipt of your items and acknowledging the important decision that you have made.

Will Travers OBE, Born Free President and Co-Founder, said: “Millions of citizens in the UK and worldwide reject the notion of putting a commercial value on ivory. For every one of them, and for Born Free, the only ivory should be on elephants and the days of trade are over. If you are one of these people and you have unwanted ivory, join our Ivory Amnesty, make your position clear and, together, let’s consign the ivory trade to history books – where it belongs.”

Ivory items should be sent, preferably by recorded delivery, to:

Born Free Foundation, 
Broadlands Business Campus, 
Langhurstwood Road, 
Horsham, RH12 4QP.

For further clarification please email



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