“Everything we do is about one. One animal, one animal suffering, one animal we can help, one species, one person, one community, one leader – and that becomes one more.”

– Virginia McKenna OBE

Virginia’s Circle of Compassion is an exclusive group for females from all walks of life, dedicated to making a difference to global conservation and the welfare and protection of wild animals.

Guided by Born Free’s Co-Founder and Trustee, Virginia McKenna OBE, joining Virginia’s Circle of Compassion is an opportunity for talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds to collaborate on ideas that have the potential to make a positive impact – particularly on women in conservation.

Our mission is to support end empower women in conservation, animal welfare community empowerment, education and policy to make a lasting difference to the future of wildlife.

Virginia’s Circle of Compassion aims to:

  • Identify, champion and empower female leaders in conservation and support their vital work
  • Enable women to take action to protect wildlife and provide positive future opportunities for their children and communities
  • Support women leaders in rural wildlife regions, helping them to build a sustainable economic future.

Annual membership of Virginia’s Circle of Compassion also provides members with the opportunity to attend exclusive Born Free events and enjoy other unique benefits. Funds generated are used exclusively to support the objectives of the group.

For more information about Virginia’s Circle of Compassion, please contact Joanne Bartholomew.



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