Sara is a young chimpanzee who lives on Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, in Uganda.

She was confiscated from a wildlife trader in South Sudan who tried to sell her as a pet. However, thanks to the expert care of Ngamba Island she has recovered and enjoys life on the island as an active member of a troop of chimpanzees.

Ngamba Island is a sanctuary for chimpanzees in need. It gives rescued chimps a new start in life – nursed back to health and rehabilitated so they can live together with other rescued chimps in an expansive rainforest enclosure.

“Cheeky Sara is the second-youngest female in her troop of rescued chimpanzees and a low-ranking individual amongst the other orphans at the island sanctuary,” explains Born Free’s Animal Care & Rescue Manager Maggie Balaskas. 

“As well as having a strong bond with older female Connie, Sara has a close relationship with the other youngsters, especially Eazy. Sara is very protective, treating him as a brother, and has done ever since they were both ‘adopted’ by Connie,” she adds.

This year, Ngamba Island is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It marks two decades of incredible chimpanzee rescues and protection. Born Free has worked with Ngamba Island from the very beginning, helping to create the sanctuary in 1998. It is currently home to 49 chimpanzees, many having previously been kept as pets in completely inadequate conditions or having been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. 

Earlier this year, the chimps at Ngamba Island had their annual routine health check. All of the chimps were checked from head to toe – from eyes, ears and teeth, to circulation, respiration and organ function. Blood screening was also carried out to check for any diseases or conditions which may not appear in other tests. They all received a clean bill of health.

Help Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Born Free continue their work to provide lifetime care for the orphaned chimpanzees in their care by adopting Sara today.



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