7 October 2021


A line-up of world class musicians to join Born Free Patron Eliza Marshall for a stunning concert and film screening this December.

An elephant is walking across the savannah at sunset. The sky is pink and orange with some streaks of cloud, and the elephant and foreground is in silhouette.

Eliza Marshall’s Freedom To Roam project traverses themes such as climate change, migration, rewilding, empathy and human displacement. With a stunning line-up of world-class musicians alongside acclaimed video designer Amelia Kosminsky, Freedom To Roam will play their evocative new album in its entirety after an exclusive screening of the accompanying documentary by award winning director Nicholas Jones.

The concert and screening will take place at Cecil Sharp House in London, on 18th December 2021. There will be an online screning of the event in January 2022.



Freedom To Roam is a humanitarian and environmental project first conceived by musician and Born Free Patron, Eliza Marshall, during a visit to the Outer Hebrides in 2018.

Inspired by a desire for greater compassion and respect for nature, stunning music and a powerful short film have been crafted as a movement through universal responses to our own and the planet’s most pressing needs.

Eliza Marshall’s vision found new poignancy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and following a successful kickstarter campaign, it was written and recorded into a new album at Rockfield studios by internationally acclaimed musicians including Catrin Finch, Jackie Shave, Dónal Rogers and Kuljit Bhamra.

Championed by Virginia Mckenna OBE, who described Freedom to Roam as "An important and thought-provoking journey with some of the world's top musicians," the new album is part of a triptych that includes a documentary by multi award-winning director Nicholas Jones (A Greenlander, You Are Here) and multifaceted live performances, including the concert in aid of Born Free on 18th December. 

Encompasing music and cinematography, and fuseing folk with classical via Africa, Scotland and India, Freedom to Roam crosses illusory borders, telling untold stories whilst simultaneously challenging us to see the world with new, and more hopeful, eyes.

Eliza Marshall said: "The Born Free Foundation raises questions and awareness for the plight of wild animals, the need for understanding of what it truly means to have freedom to roam, and why this is vital for the welfare of our planet’s people and wildlife. It is an honour to be able to raise funds to help support the continuation of the incredible work they are doing."


WATCH: Eliza Marshall, Will Travers & Virginia McKenna, preview the forthcoming Freedom to Roam concert.

"Imagine this. You awake. Turn on the radio. Open your paper or reach for a device. Your morning search for the daily news. But here’s the thing; it’s changed. 80% of what you hear are the positive stories happening in the world. The good deeds, the progressive ideas, the people with vision. Animals freed, humans saved and millions of new trees. Imagine the impact of hearing how we can help, how we can join forces, and how we can forge forwards with positive mental awareness, joint courage and determination. This is the essence of Freedom To Roam: 
The Rhythms Of Migration." - Eliza Marshall

For more information about Elaiza Marshall and the Freedom to Roam project, click here.

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