The Arcturos Environmental Centre and Bear Sanctuary, in Northern Greece, is home to rescued orphan brown bear cubs, injured bears, or bears saved from the dancing bear trade.

Arcturos actively works for the conservation of the brown bear and its habitat in Greece and the Balkans. It played a crucial role in ending the dancing bear trade in Greece and continues to work towards the end of illegal captivity in the wider regions of the Balkans.

Rescued bears remain at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives, provided that their circumstances exclude any possibility of rehabilitation and reintroduction to their natural environment. They live in large, natural forest enclosures where they can live a peaceful life away from harm.

Born Free supports the lifetime care of Kyriakos the brown bear, who lives at Arcturos, and in 2016 supported the rescue of Mollie, Georgia and Louisa – three orphan bear cubs rescued from serious flooding in Georgia.




Kyriakos was born in the wild in the forest of Kastoria, in northern Greece. He was orphaned when only four months old. Fortunately, he was taken in by a shepherd who cared for him for a few months before the Arcturos Sanctuary in Greece then took him in.

Although the shepherd saved Kyriakos’ life, Kyriakos is now too used to humans to be released back to the wild. Your adoption will help ensure he gets the food and care he needs.

Help us provide the care he needs.

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