Thank you for helping Born Free call on the Secretary of State for the Environment, George Eustice MP, to pass a law recognising that animals have feelings too.

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I am writing to ask for your urgent action to ensure our animal welfare standards are not eroded now that we are no longer subject to EU law. I am extremely surprised and disappointed that despite many promises, your government has not yet passed a law recognising animal sentience and creating a legal duty to protect animal welfare when policies are made and implemented. This would ensure that the protections and obligations enshrined in EU treaties are fully transposed into UK law. Please prioritise the recognition of animal sentience in UK law, and ensure that the law establishes a new Animal Welfare Commission formed of the best independent animal welfare scientists and experts who can advise ministers and hold them to account for their duty to fully consider animal welfare in the development of legislation and policy. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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