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Tinto Eve
is a baby chimp who lives at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon and is about one year old.  Eve is one of the smallest members of a group of rescued orphan chimps.  At the sanctuary she will gradually learn to be part of a chimp family again, as she would in the wild.

Tinto Eve’s story

Eve was born in 2004.  When she was just a few months old her mother and family were killed for meat by poachers, who tried to sell Eve as a pet.  Sadly there is a flourishing illegal trade in baby chimps as exotic pets. 

But when people buy an endearing baby chimp they don’t realise how difficult it will be to care for, and how it will quickly become unmanageable. 

Wild animals belong in the wild and never make good pets. 


Luckily Eve was confiscated before she could be sold and brought to Limbe on New Year’s Eve 2004, which is how she got her name.

Thin and dehydrated, Eve was very scared and unwell.  But her health improved at the sanctuary and she became more confident.  Today she loves to play and is a firm favourite of the Limbe staff. 

A few months after her arrival a new 4-year old chimp called Pecus was rescued and now shares an enclosure with Eve.  They became instant friends and are developing a very special bond.  Eve might always rely on human care, but she how has the opportunity to become part of a true chimp community at Limbe.


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