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Bunga, a young female orangutan, arrived at the International Animal Rescue centre in November 2009 when she was estimated to be about two and a half years old. She had been kept in a cage in a family’s garden after they found her wandering around near their home.

Bunga’s story

When she arrived at the centre, Bunga was very frightened and timid. She constantly tried to cling on to the keepers and hide behind them. Everything scared her, even the sound of the birds squawking in the trees!

She was very quiet and affectionate too, and only happy when she was cuddled up tight with her keeper or snuggled up on one of the huge soft toys that give the young orangutans the warmth and comfort they would normally get from their mothers.

But Bunga gradually grew in confidence and started to become more independent, exploring her new surroundings and even starting to climb and play in the trees.

Now, with the new ‘baby school playground’ that IAR has constructed, Bunga is a confident and happy little orangutan and completely different from when she arrived. She loves climbing, swinging through the trees, playing with the leaves, and she gets on very well with all the other orangutans, especially Sindy, with whom she shares an enclosure at night.

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