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Afrika is a little chimp who was rescued by the Ugandan Wildlife Authorities in Uganda, which is in Eastern Africa. She now lives at the Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, set amidst 100 acres of rainforest on an island in Lake Victoria, close to Entebbe in southern Uganda. Here she is one of the smallest members of a group of rescued orphan chimps and is gradually learning to forage for food, groom her friends and behave like a wild chimp.

Afrika’s story

Afrika and Mac in quarantine

Afrika was just a few months old when she was discovered by wildlife rangers hanging in a tiny wooden cage from a tree. The tiny chimp had been put there by poachers.

Sadly there is a flourishing illegal trade in baby chimps as exotic pets, even though this is illegal. It is likely Afrika had seen the poachers kill her mother and all her family. Imagine how traumatised and upset she was.

It is very difficult to care for a baby chimp.

Wild animals belong in the wild and never make good pets.

When people buy a cute baby chimp they don’t realise how difficult it will be to care for, and how it will quickly become unmanageable.



Afrika with her new family

Afrika had no room to move in the wooden cage and was surrounded by filth. Very weak, she had sores on her hands and had been surviving on just bananas and popped corn. Happily, Afrika was rescued in November 2007 and brought to the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre. She had a very poor appetite except for bananas and, unlike most infant chimps, couldn’t climb or move around properly.

She was obviously very unhappy, but gradually recovered after receiving medical treatment and gentle care. Thankfully after a few months she grew healthy and strong.

Then in June 2008 an exciting day dawned! Afrika was introduced to her new chimpanzee family on Ngamba Island. Being transferred by boat was a strange experience and Afrika held tightly onto another orphan chimp, however, as soon as the boat docked, she relaxed.

She quickly settled into her new home and has blossomed. She has transformed from a frightened individual into a confident little chimp, who has become good friends with the adult chimps on the island.

Sadly wild apes face many threats… their forest homes are destroyed by logging companies, and poachers sell baby apes as pets. It is estimated that 5,000 chimps are killed every year by poachers and today only about 150,000 remain.


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