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  • Dolphins under water (C) Joshua Lambus
  • 2 dolphins jumping out of water (C) Pete Markham
  • 2 dolphins swimming under water (C) Jeff Kraus
  • Dolphine Blue Dolphin (C) Marine Tours
  • Dolphins under water (C) Henrik Brameus
  • Dolphin fins out of water (C) Steve Whis
  • Dolphins under water view (C) Steve Dunleavy
  • lots of dolphins jumping out of water
  • dolphin swimming fin out (C) Chris Nixon
  • Dolphin jumping out of water (C) Surf School
Image credits (from top left to bottom right);
(c) 1.Joshua Lambus  2.Pete Markham 3.Jeff Krauss  4.Marine Tours  5.Henrik Brameus  6.Steve Whis  7.Steve Dunleavy  8.lowjumpingfrog  9.Chris Nickson  10.Bodhi Surf School
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