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WCRS and George Logan

Born Free has teamed up with award-winning photographer and long term supporter George Logan, creative agency WCRS and media owner Outdoor Plus to launch a new campaign highlighting the alarming rate at which Africa’s wildlife is disappearing.

Watch the images below to see how these digital posters will work.

The Disappearing Animals campaign, created by WCRS, aims to prompt people to take action before it’s too late. Shot by award-winning photographer George Logan – in locations in The Masai Mara, Kenya, Etosha, Namibia and at Shamwari, South Africa – the campaign draws attention to the futility of saving the last lion, rhino or elephant on Earth. Instead, action needs to be taken to start saving the animals now, while there is still time to make a difference.

Working with Outdoor Plus, a leader in premium digital out of home advertising, the campaign is now being broadcast across key London locations including Vauxhall Cross Island and Purley Way Fiveways.

Virginia McKenna OBE, Actress and Founder of the Born Free Foundation said: “We can go to the moon. We may go to Mars. But we cannot recreate elephants, lions, rhinos and all the other critically endangered wild animals when they have gone. Except as stuffed replicas in a museum. Can we really live with that? The extinction of all these beautiful, extraordinary creatures because we didn’t care enough about them? Animals who lived on the earth long before we came along? Surely we must shout “NO!” I do and I hope you will too. It is unimaginable that we would allow the animals who formed the wilderness, and that we say we treasure, become extinct. These beautiful images, this Born Free campaign, carry a powerful message. A warning we dare not ignore. Please add your voice to ours. These are the living treasures of the world”.

Grant Branfoot, Sales Director at Outdoor Plus said: “Digital out of home advertising is a powerful way to reach a large audience, so we’re really proud to work with Born Free and WCRS to build awareness for this important campaign. The digital technology we’ve used for the campaign highlights the rate of disappearance of Africa’s wildlife, prompting people to action.”

Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director at WCRS said: “Advertising is prone to hyperbole, but there is nothing exaggerated about our depiction of the plight of African wildlife. Urgency is tipping into desperation and unless something is done quickly, animals we take for granted could disappear for ever. Our posters aim to convey that message as strongly and simply as possible.”

Virginia McKenna at Vauxhall Cross Island with photographer George Logan, Born Free’s Marketing Director Anne Tudor, Sales Director for Outdoor Plus Grant Branfoot and Katy Hopkins from WCRS

Driven Apart Ad

George Logan and WCRS joined forces yet again in May this year to raise awareness for Born Free and our work to save the world’s iconic species with their thought-provoking ‘Driven Apart’ ad. Thanks to the help of media agency Ocean Outdoor they were able to secure an incredible space at Two Towers East in London to showcase the remarkable advert bringing our message to millions of people driving along one of London’s busiest routes.

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