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Ungalli Clothing Co

Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Canadian clothing brand designed and ethically produced using 100% sustainable materials. Style, quality, design and a great fit are of utmost importance whilst at the same time taking care of people, animals and the earth. Their clothing is produced using 100% recycled and re-purposed materials including recycled water bottles, recycled cotton, scraps from cotton factory floors and using a zero virgin growth within a 320-km production radius to minimize environmental impacts and reduce or eliminate water, petroleum and C02 waste. Ungalli ensure that all clothing is produced in safe facilities where workers are treated with kindness, respect and paid fairly for the hours they work.

As part of their range Ungalli have created a wonderful shirt designed around our rescued lion Sinbad. For every purchase Ungalli will donate $1 to Born Free with all funds raised going to our ongoing rescue work and the daily care of Sinbad and all our other rescued animals.

Every Ungalli product saves the world approximately 712 gallons of water, half a gallon of petroleum, 12 kilograms of CO2, and 3 ounces of chemicals by directly reducing the amount of water, land use, pesticides and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers and the electricity needed to produce yarn and finish fabrics.

For more information or to purchase a Sinbad shirt please visit their website

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