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Etihad Airways

Etihad airways

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is working in partnership with the Born Free Foundation to ensure its holiday activities and transport operations have a minimal negative impact on animals and their fragile natural habitats. 

Etihad Airways is a signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration of the United for Wildlife Transportation Taskforce. To help put an end to wildlife trafficking and to ensure responsible animal protection practices relating to holiday excursions, the airline has developed comprehensive polices for areas of the business where there is actual or potential animal interaction.

Offering over 5,000 hotel options and endless touring activities, Etihad Holidays is reviewing its portfolio with the assistance of the Born Free Foundation and working with its tour operators to ensure that appropriate animal welfare practices are in place.

Etihad Airways is also helping to educate guests about animal welfare and conservation onboard, through feature pieces in its inflight magazines and screening of Elsa: The Lioness that Changed the World. The Elsa charm bracelet, featuring a silver-plated African lion charm, is also sold onboard with the proceeds of each sale going directly to the Born Free Foundation. 

Furthermore, Etihad Airways is working to raise awareness of wildlife conservation within the airline industry. As part of this, they support and promote our Travellers’ Animal Alert allowing holidaymakers to report any breaches of animal welfare they may see on their travels.

Etihad Airways’ Head of Sustainability Linden Coppell said, ‘It is a race against time to prevent extinction for some threatened yet magnificent species such as the Arabian oryx, native to our home in the UAE and to the many animals and plants that are taken from the wild and smuggled illegally around the world . To ensure biodiversity for the generations of tomorrow, Etihad Airways is taking action today by ensuring our activities are sustainable and responsible.’

For more information on the sustainability initiatives of the airline visit:

Etihad Airways Animal Protection Policy

To mark the launch of the Etihad Airways Animal Protection Policy and their commitment to our work to protect animals in tourism, Born Free President Will Travers delivered an inspirational talk and Q&A at Etihad HQ in Abu Dhabi, on his return leg from the CITES convention in South Africa in October. The talk was given to a number of Etihad staff, and key local governmental and commercial stakeholders including the Environment Agency, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and members of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

In addition to this talk, Etihad continue to support Born Free with regular donations through in-flight sales of our Elsa bracelet, air mile donations, flight, and joint awareness both online and in their inflight magazine. This wonderful partnership aims to help with our global work to influence change and protection of animals, particularly in relation to illegal trade.

(L) Will Travers OBE, (M) Linden Coppell – Head of Sustainability, (R) Thomas Rummel, Senior Manager, Holidays
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