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 “A thousand rangers have been killed in the line of duty in the last ten years.”

According to Sean Willmore, President of The Thin Green Line Foundation, that's a massive underestimate - it could be as many as 3,000.  That makes being a wildlife ranger, tasked with protecting some of the world’s most endangered species and vulnerable habitats, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

And it is a fairly thankless task.

In many countries, ranger salaries are extremely low (sometimes a few tens of dollars a month) and there is little or no provision should the worst come to pass.  Sometimes when a ranger is killed in the line of duty, their family has not only lost a loved one but also their only source of income, and often there is no back-up. 

That’s why Born Free is so pleased to be partnering with the Thin Green Line Foundation to assist in making sure that ranger families get the support they deserve in their hour of need.

Born Free Foundation in the UK is ready and willing to receive donations in support of this important initiative. We guarantee that there will be no deductions (except bank transfer charges) on any donations that are made so that as near to 100% as possible goes where it is intended. 

For more information about the Thin Green Line Foundation, go to

Born Free is committed to helping rangers around  the world, not only to carry out their work but to meet the challenges they face secure in the knowledge that if something goes terribly wrong, their loved ones will be provided for.  It seems the least we can do. 

In June 2013 Sean, the founder of International Ranger Federation as well as the Thin Green Line Foundation came in to our office and talked to us about his work. Please take a minute to listen to the interview:

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