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Species Survival Network

The Species Survival Network (SSN) is an international coalition of nearly 80 organizations committed to the promotion, enhancement and strict enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Through scientific and legal research, education and advocacy, the SSN is working to prevent over-exploitation of animals and plants due to international trade. The Network strongly believes that such trade can occur only when evidence positively demonstrates that survival of the species, subspecies or populations and their role in the ecosystems in which they occur will not be detrimentally affected by trade and when trade in live animals minimizes the risk of injury, damage to health or cruel treatment. The species must always receive the benefit of the doubt if available evidence is uncertain.

SSN is now recognised as the leading coalition of wildlife organisations working within the CITES¹ framework to reduce the impact of international trade on wild fauna and flora. Born Free helped to establish the SSN in 1993 and since then Will Travers has been the chair of the Board.  SSN successfully investigates and exposes the illegal trade in wild animals and wildlife products.  Every 3 years CITES 179 member countries meet to decide the fate of many of the world’s most threatened species of animals and plants.  SSN ensures CITES delegates have the information they need in the hope they make the right decisions at these meetings. 

¹Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  CITES regulates trade in threatened animals and plants.
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