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IUCN Canid Specialist Group

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The IUCN¹ Canid Specialist Group (CSG) is the world's chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species, several of which are rare and declining, while others are common and involved in major wildlife management issues (such as disease transmission, predation on livestock, sport hunting, fur trade).  The CSG’s experts represent over 30 countries (with expertise in many more) and include field biologists, academics, wildlife managers, government officials, NGO² staff, and others from diverse but inter-related fields. All CSG members are actively involved in canid conservation and research, and serve as honorary advisers, bringing with them the experience and the knowledge gained in their professional careers.  The CSG is chaired by Born Free’s head of conservation Claudio Sillero, and has been supported by the Foundation since 1995.  Visit

¹International Union for Conservation of Nature
²Non Governmental Organisations
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