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Campaign Groups

The Born Free Foundation works in close collaboration with many like-minded campaign groups, forming a wide range of influential international coalitions, alliances and partnerships. By working co-operatively, pooling resources and sharing expertise, Born Free is helping to maximise efforts and achieve more for wildlife.

The Ape Alliance is an international coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes.

The Canid Specialist Group is the world's chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species.

The Compassionate Conservation network, working alongside like-minded organisations to promote the welfare of individual animals in conservation practice.

ENDCAP is the European network to END the keeping of wild animals in CAPtivity, a dynamic initiative working to investigate exploitation, expose cruelty and alleviate suffering.

The Great Apes Survival Project is a global initiative working to save gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans from extinction across their range states.

The People & Wildlife initiative, developed with Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, works to resolve conflict between wildlife and local people.

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is an association of sanctuaries in Africa caring for orphaned apes and other endangered primates.

Species Survival Network - is the leading coalition of wildlife organisations working within CITES¹ to reduce the impact of international trade on wild animals and plants.

The Thin Green Line Foundation - making sure that rangers and their families get the support they deserve in their hour of need.

ONCA - One Network for Conservation and the Arts is an arts charity and gallery that educates about environmental change through visual arts, performance and storytelling

¹Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  CITES regulates trade in threatened animals and plants.
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